I checked in public.offers from the core database. The sellingasset and buyingasset are base64 encoded.

Here's what I get from database and horizon api:


select buyingasset from offers where offerid=147863991;


horizon api

"buying": {
          "asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
          "asset_code": "SLT",

Question: how can I decode the XDR string to a readable string like the Horizon API is doing? Hopefully in Python code.

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get it!


tx_result = Xdr.StellarXDRUnpacker(base64.b64decode(xdrstr)).unpack_Asset()


Thanks for the answer from Brian Mo(@brian-mo), here is the complete code, it works on 2.x version.

import base64
from stellar_sdk import Asset
from stellar_sdk.xdr import Xdr
xdr_str = 'AAAAAVNMVAAAAAAAlA8rrxQ89pexgEv3wGm0Tu9RxisitWx4ONyNc5Xn7qg='
xdr_obj = Xdr.StellarXDRUnpacker(base64.b64decode(xdr_str)).unpack_Asset()
asset = Asset.from_xdr_object(xdr_obj)

I know it looks a bit complicated, we have made some improvements and will release it some days later, here is a preview.

from stellar_sdk import Asset
xdr_str = 'AAAAAVNMVAAAAAAAlA8rrxQ89pexgEv3wGm0Tu9RxisitWx4ONyNc5Xn7qg='
asset = Asset.from_xdr(xdr_str)

You can find related improvements here (not yet released).

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