I am running a stellar private network. Earlier my core and horizon version were too old. so, i upgraded it to the latest versions mentioned below

"horizon_version": "v0.24.1",
"core_version": "v12.2.0-83-g2197963",
"exp_history_latest_ledger": 875,
"history_latest_ledger": 875,
"history_elder_ledger": 7,
"core_latest_ledger": 1306,
"network_passphrase": "ar",
"current_protocol_version": 12,
"core_supported_protocol_version": 12

Just after upgrading, the new horizon command which i am using is

 horizon --port=8000 --db-url="postgresql://user:pass@localhost:5432/stellar_horizon_db" --stellar-core-db-url="postgresql://user:pass@localhost:5432/stellar_node01_db" --stellar-core-url="" --network-passphrase="ar" --enable-experimental-ingestion=true --enable-asset-stats=true --history-archive-urls="file:///tmp/stellar-core/history/vs/"

BUT , it is showing following error in my horizon console

 ERRO[2020-01-22T19:48:13.633+05:30] Error returned from ingest.LiveSession: Error getting ledger: error reading ledger from backend: Error getting upgradeHistoryRows: select failed: sql: Scan error on column index 2, name "upgrade": unsupported Scan, storing driver.Value type string into type *xdr.LedgerUpgrade  pid=11648 service=expingest

Can , anyone guide me how to resolve this issue?

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