Hi I was working with Stellar on Javascript for offline signing and to keep the QR code after signing short I enveloped the transaction and converted it to XDR.


const signedTx = await transaction.toEnvelope().toXDR('base64');

Now how do I convert it back to the transaction object so that I can submit it?

I tried submitting this transaction but I keep on getting the error,

TypeError: transaction.toEnvelope is not a function
     at Server.<anonymous> (/opt/game/main/node_modules/stellar-sdk/lib/server.js:115:22)
     at step (/opt/game/main/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:136:27)
     at Object.next (/opt/game/main/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:117:57)
     at /opt/game/main/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:110:75
     at new Promise (<anonymous>)
     at Object.__awaiter (/opt/game/main/node_modules/tslib/tslib.js:106:16)
     at Server.submitTransaction (/opt/game/node_modules/stellar-sdk/lib/server.js:111:24)

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Alright even though I could not find any function to deserialize the signedTx, I did find a way.

If you create a new StellarSdk Object, call Transaction and input signedTx as a parameter into it, you get back the original transaction object.

Like so,

const transaction = new StelladSdk.Transaction(signedTx);
  • Isn't it .submitTransaction(transaction)? Sep 12, 2022 at 13:28
  • I think at that point the issue was that the SDK expected the transaction to be transaction object, instead of being able to submit XDR
    – coder123
    Mar 18 at 7:09

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