I have Stellar coins in my stellar wallet and when I send them to my Binance wallet via Ledger nano S nothing arrive to my Binance wallet, can I know what is the problem please.


  • yes I send the memo, but what do you mean verify destination account? I put my Stellar address wallet in Binance and make verify via Ledger to the information about address and memo and ammount and fee – Moayad Rasoul Feb 10 at 9:21

Did you send the memo? Or verify the destination account with https://stellar.expert/explorer/public/account/GAMU5TQFUMDGVKYQPPDCD2MKKUUWELSQAEKNNU4RFQCWFSRBPJA2MAGQ

  • I send the memo, but what is this link which you call it destination account? I sent them to my wallet address in Binance – M Rasoul Feb 10 at 19:12
  • destination account is the wallet address in Binance – Giancarlos Salas Feb 11 at 20:12
  • but how can I verify my wallet address in Binance? can you explain that please – M Rasoul Feb 12 at 9:38
  • Can't send transaction on Stellar Account Viewer using Ledger Nano S I am unable to make transactions using my ledger nano S. It keeps hanging on the screen, "Check the transaction using your Ledger device. Submitting transaction to the network..." – M Rasoul Feb 12 at 11:24
  • I want to send my coins in stellar account to binance , I use ledger nano s , from two weeks I try to send them and nothing happen – M Rasoul Feb 14 at 19:21

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