Greetings Stellar StackExchange community,

I would kindly require your assistance as I am having hard time figuring out how to get the incoming transaction amount value, and what would be the most appropriate way to do it for my personal account.

Currently I have function which return transactions, but this ones include memo, fees, hash, xdr_envelope and so on, however not amount. What I need for my "app" is TX HASH, MEMO, VALUE and PAGING token as I am storing them into database.

def get_transactions(self):
        data = server.transactions().for_account(account_id=self.public_key).include_failed(False).call()
        for tx in data['_embedded']['records']:
            te = TransactionEnvelope.from_xdr(tx['envelope_xdr'], Network.TESTNET_NETWORK_PASSPHRASE)

While pretty printing each TransactionEnvelope, I am getting back object but not values.

I have been as well looking at the post How to decode XDR of the result_xdr however due to the new package for python I "hit the wall".

I tried as well use Payments For Account while amount is returned however there is no Memo.

 data = server.payments().for_account(account_id=self.public_key).call()

Could you please help me resolve the issues I am having?

thank you for your time, answer and assistance in advance, and hope to get response soon.

best regards


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A stellar transaction consists of one or more operations such as payment, createAccount, setOptions.

I'm not familiar with python-sdk but I think like in other sdk's the transaction object should also have a operations method or property which should deliver all related operations. You have to iterate through the operations of a given transaction (for op in tx['operations']), figure out if it is a payment operation (if op['type'] == 'payment') and then access asset and amount on that object (op['asset'], op['amount'])


At first, I recommend you read this article, which describes the composition of a transaction.

Hope this example helps.

from stellar_sdk import TransactionEnvelope, Network, TextMemo, IdMemo, HashMemo, ReturnHashMemo, Payment


te = TransactionEnvelope.from_xdr(envelope_xdr, Network.TESTNET_NETWORK_PASSPHRASE)
tx_hash = te.hash_hex()
print(f"hash: {tx_hash}")
raw_memo = te.transaction.memo
memo = None
if isinstance(raw_memo, TextMemo):
    memo = raw_memo.memo_text
if isinstance(raw_memo, IdMemo):
    memo = raw_memo.memo_id
if isinstance(raw_memo, HashMemo):
    memo = raw_memo.memo_hash
if isinstance(raw_memo, ReturnHashMemo):
    memo = raw_memo.memo_return
print(f"memo: {memo}")
operations = te.transaction.operations
for op in operations:
    # You can check other types of operations here.
    # You can find list of operations here: https://stellar-sdk.readthedocs.io/en/latest/api.html#operation
    if isinstance(op, Payment):
        amount = op.amount
        asset_code = op.asset.code
        asset_issuer = op.asset.issuer
        destination = op.destination
        source = op.source or te.transaction.source.public_key
        print(f"{source} send {amount} {asset_code}({asset_issuer}) to {destination}")
  • Thank you for response
    – Animus
    Mar 12, 2020 at 18:45

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