I have been trying to generate addresses using ripple-keypairs and https://iancoleman.io/bip39/

Now the addresses I generate from deriveAddress('myseed') function of ripple-keypairs and the one I generate from BIP 39 standalone tool are completely different. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I use the mnemonic in the standalone tool.

Which is this:

accident pelican movie document correct indicate stamp slender gasp step melody series hire beyond grant noise recycle ramp size mango tourist merge verify tragic

The seed BIP39 seed it generates is:


I then use this seed to deriveAddress('8e8bb3ac7bf19aa99055ba9908cd35fdfe1bfc568ba71622a04ea6749f65b1d538ef26626fa5738c9f87604de633ad9ac985c63ccf931c29158f415a258eb3e7') which gives me the result:


But I can't find this result amongst the many addresses created in the BIP39 standalone.

I want to generate a BIP-44 address for Ripple using my existing seed. Can anyone tell me if there is a library to do so or if anyone can spot the problem in my approach which is causing this issue?

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