I was recently going through some code and came across something new to me.

The HD Paths for all the assets I saw ended with /0 but specifically for Stellar it ended with /0'.

The complete form: m/44'/148'/0'/0'.

Is there a specific reason for this? If I omit the apostrophe in the end will it have any effect on anything?


The derivation path for stellar is defined in SEP-5 and only uses the first three levels. The default path is m/44'/148'/0'

The fourth level would have been a flag for change addresses, which doesn't apply to stellar. The apostrophe indicates the usage of hardened addresses which doesn't apply to change at all, so it must not be at the 4th level even if it would somehow apply to stellar.

I suppose any wallet using more levels will either ignore any but the first three levels or generate non standardized addresses.

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