I'm trying to send my Lumens from my Keybase wallet to Coinbase but I'm not able to. I created a new account to send to, but it only asked for a name, then a private message and public memo. I put the public memo code I got from Coinbase receive. I thought that would direct the payment to Coinbase. But, that didn't work. My Coinbase account didn't receive any Lumens. I only created another account within my Keybase account and the money was sent from my original Keybase account to the newly created account. Not to my Coinbase account. Can anyone tell me how to send my Lumens from Keybase to Coinbase? Thanks.


I was able to send XLM from Keybase to Coinbase.

In Keybase, select "Send" -> "To a Stellar Address".

  • To Field: Coinbase Wallet ID (e.g. GDQP2KRQGH...)
  • Amount: select amount you want to send (even 1 XLM worked for me)
  • Encrypted note: leave empty
  • Public memo: Coinbase Memo ID (eg. 2290123456)

Click "Send" and confirm. The tokens arrived like 2 minutes later in my Coinbase wallet.

If this does not work for you, make sure your account is verified. If it is, you may contact the Coinbase support for further help.

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