I have a problem broadcasting a transaction for stellar.

It ends and gives me the error tx_bad_seq. The thing is I have checked and rechecked the account sequence number multiple times. I feed in the sequence number for the account GCLT45QVPRNNVOOW6CU2WAO4OPEV5OK45YZBMD2EXRNX3KLQPBFTPHDD as 126165149651304448. It then increments the sequence number to 126165149651304449 and then signs the transaction. The signing goes as smoothly as it has a 1000 times before. In fact, to check if I was signing with the right sequence number I put in 126165149651304449 instead of 126165149651304448 and tried submitting that transaction. I still get the same error code.

The thing is I cannot understand what exactly is the problem. Discussions online suggest that it is a problem with the sequence number, but I think this has something more to it. I have checked the same sequence number on https://laboratory.stellar.org/#explorer?resource=accounts&endpoint=single&network=public and I still am getting the same error. Could it be the way I initialized the account?


I initialized it with 20 XLM instead of 1 XLM. But I am not sure that this should create a problem like this. And if it is a problem, how to solve it?

  • After experience, it can happen to you if you are using a different signing key. If you believe you are using the right signing key, try to use that exact same key to generate the from address.
    – coder123
    Jan 25, 2021 at 8:22

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Sequence number for a new transaction must be the current sequence number +1. You can look up the current sequence number at: https://horizon.stellar.org/accounts/[ACCOUNT_ID]

Given the fact you asked this question at 2020-04-28 06:42:22Z, the last (and for now only new) transaction on your account was at 2020-04-28T08:59:18Z and the current sequence number is indeed 126165149651304449, I guess you figured it out in meantime and you had somehow tried a different number than that before.

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