I am working on adopting CAP-0027 - First-class multiplexed accounts.

I assume that in the future, when one wishes to deposit to an exchange for example, the exchange will provide an address that is a union of the account ID and the memo ID in a single string. The wallet used by the user will have to take the long string from the user, break it to components and correctly build the transaction.

  • Is this correct?
  • How is the multiplexed account address single string built? Is it by simply concatenating the account ID and the memo ID? In which order? Any additional encoding instructions?
  • Can you show examples of such strings with their components?

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This is correct.

The multiplexed account address is a 69 characters long string which is a result of the strkey encoding of the muxedAccount XDR type. The original ed25519PublicKey XDR encoding is 56 characters long.

The strkey encoding is currently in draft status: SEP-0023. Sample address strings can be found there:

Valid multiplexed account

  • Memo ID: 0

Valid multiplexed account in which unsigned id exceeds maximum signed 64-bit integer

  • Memo ID: 9223372036854775808

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