I'm new here. For learning purpose I've issued an asset through laboratory.stellar.org. Now I'm trying to write the stellar.toml file. Checked with online tool https://stellar.sui.li/toml-check/cryptosilly.com qll is green but 1 warning :

Warnings: [CURRENCIES #0] : (onchain) Issuer GC4SPK4MWJTJZDHCJ56HX4YC5Z7B6C3ZCAW7AGUVQRVFCZA77DQJMISU home_domain not set.

Anyone can help to solve ? Thank you

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Per the documentation here: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-protocol/blob/master/ecosystem/sep-0001.md

The home_domain is the domain that hosts the .toml file. Serve your toml from the correct domain.


Set the home domain for asset issuer. Domain is where your toml file is uploaded. You can perform this operation directly from laboratory.stellar:


Here is detailed documentation for this: https://developers.stellar.org/docs/glossary/federation/

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