I am trying to write a page to show all the transaction history of an account, I use StellarSdk.xdr.TransactionEnvelope.fromXDR(page.records[0].envelope_xdr, 'base64') to get the transaction envelope, however the source account is encoded with Ed25519.

I tried to use the function below to decode it, it will be shown as r��)'-�)�sjލC5�B }�'Z���?��.

function Decodeuint8arr(uint8array) {
    return new TextDecoder("utf8").decode(uint8array);

What is the correct way to decode the XDR information, thank you.

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It's a raw binary form of the public key. Use StrKey encoder to convert the binary key into the string representation:

import {StrKey} from 'stellar-sdk'

function formatPubKey(rawPubKey) {
  return StrKey.encodeEd25519PublicKey(rawPubKey)
  • Thank you a lot! Just a friendly reminder to the others, for calling the StrKey we could directly use StellarSdk.StrKey.encodeEd25519PublicKey(rawPubKey);
    – iDler
    May 18, 2020 at 2:47

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