Stellar Core v13 stopped validating a few days ago. Unfortunately, I don't have the old logs anymore so I don't know what happened exactly. I can see there's an error in the core logs:

2020-06-08T17:27:07.393 GDSKH [History ERROR] Bad ledger-header history entry: claimed ledger [seq=29989313, hash=f84436] does not agree with LCL [seq=29989313, hash=2cad49] [VerifyLedgerChainWork.cpp:165]
2020-06-08T17:27:07.393 GDSKH [History ERROR] Catchup material failed verification - hash mismatch, propagating failure [VerifyLedgerChainWork.cpp:349]
2020-06-08T17:27:07.393 GDSKH [History ERROR] One or more of history archives may be corrupted. Update HISTORY configuration entry to only contain valid ones [VerifyLedgerChainWork.cpp:351]

Now the core is catching up the old ledgers and syncing. but the horizon doesn't ingest because it's looking for this ledger 29989313 It looks like the history archive or DB is corrupted. would anybody know how I can fix this?

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