I am trying to make a request for account data using stellar-core's boost/asio HttpClient.

std::string test = "";
//horizon.stellar.org ->
int ret_code = http_request("", "/accounts/GALAXYVOIDAOPZTDLHILAJQKCVVFMD4IKLXLSZV5YHO7VY74IWZILUTO", 80, test);

//test = live and kicking :)

I have tried other ports like 8000 and 443, but they either return error codes or the HttpClient will fail on establishing a connection.

Is it possible to make horizon calls using the stellar-core HttpClient?

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    It won't work without a fully qualified domain name. horizon.stellar.org is deployed on the AWS infrastructure, so is a shared IP address of the load-balancer/firewall that handles millions of domains. Also, a HTTPS request to 80 port doesn't make sense. – Orbit Lens Jun 19 '20 at 13:07

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