I have a few hundred XLM in my Stargazer 1.7.0 wallet on kubuntu 18.04 Linux. When I try to send any amount to another address, I get "No payment options found".'

How do I get my funds somewhere that works?

The address I'm trying to send to is GD3WCAP...FROZ (middle removed in this post). I know my 24 word seed.

I installed the Solar wallet on my notebook and on my phone, but couldn't see how to restore my balance in it with any seed information I could see in Stargazer. Any help would be appreciated.

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This is from the Stargazer Github:

All private keys are stored in localStorage, encrypted or not. Within the app, key decryption and transaction signing all take place inside the Keychain service in app/core/services/keychain.js. The only time an unencrypted private key leaves that service is when an account is being exported and you're not using password protection.

All transactions go through the same steps of being displayed for review before being signed and submitted.


After you got the secret key:

  1. Go to https://accountviewer.stellar.org/

  2. Transfer XLM to your new wallet or merge it using Stellar.expert's
    account merge tool: https://stellar.expert/demolisher/public

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