go version go1.14.6

When installing or running horizon I receive an error:

# github.com/stellar/go/services/horizon/internal/httpx
github.com/stellar/go/services/horizon/internal/httpx/router.go:77:8: undefined: xff.Handler



is installed.

If I update src/github.com/stellar/go/services/horizon/internal/httpx/router.go and change "r.Use(xff.Handler)" to :

xffmw, _ := xff.Default()

Then it builds/runs without error. (However it may not function as intended, I am no go expert. I merely copied that out of the xff example/test)


Another question, when I run horizon and watch the logs, it is downloading the buckets and catching up, however there are numerous errors

ERRO[2020-08-07T01:32:27.299+02:00] failed to load the stellar-core info          err="http request errored: Get \"\": dial tcp connect: connection refused" pid=61827 stack="[main.go:43 client.go:41 app.go:197 app.go:406 asm_amd64.s:1373]"

stellar-core is not listening on 11626 when started by horizon, but if i start stellar-core manually using "stellar-core --conf=/usr/local/etc/stellar.cfg run"

[then it is listening on 11626]

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