I am trying to run Kelp on the live network, just noodling around with MOBI-XLM and amgetting this error:

error: your trading account does not have the required trustlines: [MOBI:GA6HCMBLTZS5VYYBCATRBRZ3BZJMAFUDKYYF6AH6MVCMGWMRDNSWJPIH]

My trading account is my Lobstr XLM wallet.

How do I make a trustline with MOBI?

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While I'm not entirely sure how to do this through Kelp itself, you can easily do this through https://laboratory.stellar.org/#?network=public.

Simply build a transaction with a Change Trust operation, sign it with your Kelp account's secret key, and submit it to the network.

  • I wasn't able to get the laboratory to work, but after seeing what it did I was able to get it to work in stellar_dotnet_sdk. Thanks for pointer!
    – davecove
    Commented Aug 28, 2020 at 0:37

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