I have created a mult-sig account in Stellar. (All tests on TestNet). I created 3 regular accounts with secret key and public key. The first account I made multisig by adding Ed25519 signers. The other 2 signers are the other two accounts. I did this using set options transactions in Stellar Lab. I set threshold for medium and high to 2. Each signer has weight 1 and master weight is 1.

I successfully created and sent payment transaction using multisig with 2 signers in stellar laboratory.

I then added a ledger nano S account as a signer using set options transaction. I then created payment transaction and signed with one of the regular accounts and also signed with the ledger nano s. (2 signers) this was successful. I then added a ledger nano X signer. I also created a payment transaction and signed with one regular account and one ledger nano X signer. (2 signers) This was successful.

The account now has 5 signers. Any two of which should work.

I then created a new payment transaction and tried to sign with both Nano S and Nano X. Ie both signers are from two different Ledger Nano devices. This was not successful. I could sign with one but when I attacked and tried to sign with the other, it deleted the signature from the first one from the transactions. So I could never get more than one signature from any Ledger device at a time. This appears to be a bug. Should be able to have any number of signers from ledgers devices. Does anyone have a solution (besides a paid for multisig service).
Any chance of fixing this bug?

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