I want to make a account (public key) to trust a asset I issue myself.

When I run an allowTrust operation, snippet below, I get op_no_trustline error :

                const issuingAccount = await this.stellarServer.loadAccount(issuerKeys.publicKey())
                const transaction = new TransactionBuilder(issuingAccount, {
                    fee: BASE_FEE,
                    networkPassphrase: Networks.TESTNET
                    authorize: true
                const result = await this.stellarServer.submitTransaction(transaction)

I don't know why I get this error, since I want to allow the trustor(account) to trust the asset I created?

I have set this setFlags: AuthRevocableFlag | AuthRequiredFlag to the issue account.

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The trustor needs to first create a trustline in any case.

Since your asset is "AuthRequired" they will create an unauthorized trustline first (which could be also seen as a kind of authorization request) using the changeTrust operation, you can authorize/approve that trustline only if it exists in the first place.

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