Three days ago I fell victim to a Scam that was initiated by an email informing me of an XLM staking program that required me to register. I did so, and as a result the XLM tokens in my account were transferred to another XLM address. I can see the balance of the tokens I sent in the new account on the XLM Explorer. They are the only tokens on account and have been sitting there for days. Is there any way to ring fence them or lock them up in the account they were sent to? I assume no, but had to ask.

  • No answer here - same situation, my xlm account cleared and now sitting in a new account, for the moment untouched. Any suggestions Stellar ? Scam email took me to stellar.org.gl not stellar.org for a supposed SDF Blog Posting Nov 16 "Introducing the Stellar Community Staking Marathon" Stay away – miscabc Nov 17 '20 at 23:32

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