I came across an error while testing SEP-24 on Connector Demo, /info endpoint failed to fetch.

TypeError: Failed to fetch


instruction: Withdraw and deposit are available for trusted assets in the wallet

instruction: Check the stellar.toml to find the necessary information about the transfer server

outgoing: http://localhost:8000/.well-known/stellar.toml

incoming: http://localhost:8000/.well-known/stellar.toml
    "ACCOUNTS": [
    "VERSION": "0.1.0",
    "SIGNING_KEY": "xxxxx",
    "NETWORK_PASSPHRASE": "Test SDF Network ; September 2015",
    "TRANSFER_SERVER": "https://localhost:8000/sep24",
    "TRANSFER_SERVER_SEP0024": "https://localhost:8000/sep24",
    "WEB_AUTH_ENDPOINT": "https://localhost:8000/auth",
            "name": "xxxx"
            "code": "xxxx",
            "issuer": "xxxx",
            "status": "test",
            "display_decimals": 3,
            "name": "xxxxxx",
            "desc": "xxxxx"
        "ORG_NAME": "xxxx",
        "ORG_URL": "http://example.com"

instruction: Received WEB_AUTH_ENDPOINT from TOML: https://localhost:8000/auth

instruction: Received TRANSFER_SERVER from TOML: https://localhost:8000/sep24

instruction: Received asset issuer from TOML: XXXX

instruction: Check /info endpoint to see if we need to authenticate

outgoing: GET /info

error: TypeError: Failed to fetch
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  • Looks like something is wrong with your SEP 24 transfer server. Check the output on the server side. – Orbit Lens Oct 18 at 10:59

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