A friend has an old account on https://launch.stellar.org

She need to upgrade it (to this old upgrade: https://www.stellar.org/blog/stellar-network-upgrade) , but she isn't receiving the email to do the last confirmation. (I guess that there is an issue on Stellar services backend)

I tried to look at the cookies of launch.stellar.org, and I saw this "localWalletKey" with a value like this (this isn't the value, it is an example):


Then I've found that localWalletKey is called here: https://launch.stellar.org/scripts/app-cfde2e8c.js

I think that if I'll be able to recover the secret key, I'll be able to use it here: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-upgrade or here https://stellar.github.io/stellar-upgrade-web/

I'm not so expert about js, so is it easy to recover it? Is there anyone that could help me?

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