I want to create a transaction with a memo, but i keep getting error

this.memo.toXDRObject is not a function at TransactionBuilder.build


    let fee = await get_mining_fee();

    const txOpts = {
        //memo : t.memo,
        networkPassphrase : get_stellar_network_from_env()

    const payment = {
        destination : address,
        asset : Stellar.Asset.native(),
        amount : amount+""
    const stellar_transaction = new Stellar.TransactionBuilder(our_account , txOpts)


        await StellarServer.submitTransaction(stellar_transaction);

I tried putting memo in txOpts and i get the same error. How do i add memo to transaction ocrrectly? If i omit memo field then transaction succeeds. t.memo is a string.

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was changed to


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