maybe someone could help me. I have a node with the config below:

CATCHUP_RECENT=362880           # approximately 3 weeks (5sec per ledger closing) - stellar
HISTORY_RETENTION_COUNT=362880  # approximately 3 weeks (5sec per ledger closing) - horizon

but my horizon db is growing, and has already reached 217 GB, the largest tables:

 public | history_operations   | table | 51 GB  | 
 public | history_transactions | table | 104 GB | 

is it real size? is it possible to check what real settings it uses (via api)?

UPDATE: It's still growing, even after manually cleaning up the size remains the same.

 Schema |               Name   |   Type   |    Size | 
 public | history_operations   | table    | 72 GB   |
 public | history_transactions | table    | 145 GB  |

$ horizon db reap
INFO[2021-01-06T12:11:29.178Z] reaper: clearing  new_elder=33057597 pid=130
INFO[2021-01-06T12:11:33.830Z] reaper succeeded  new_elder=33057597 pid=130


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