I have to handle a concurrent activation of 2 accounts. I am using a lock mechanism so that I can handle manually the sequence number. I am using bumpSequence operation to try and update the sequence of the account, but it does not update the sequence.

  const txBuilder = new StellarSdk.TransactionBuilder(fromAccount, { fee: "100", networkPassphrase: Stellar.NetworkPassphrase })
  txBuilder.operations = [StellarSdk.Operation.bumpSequence({bumpTo: newSequence}),
        destination: publicKey,
        startingBalance: String(startingBalance),
  const tx = txBuilder.setTimeout(30).build();
  console.log("transaction sequence: " + tx.sequence);       <------ here it still prints the old sequence

No exceptions are thrown, except the error when submitting the second transaction (tx_bad_seq) because it was created while the previous one was being submitted, hence using the old sequence.

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