in stellar docs (https://developers.stellar.org/docs/start/list-of-operations/#create-passive-sell-offer)

  • Amount of selling being sold. Set to 0 if you want to delete an existing offer.

if I set amount to 0, then result always return op_malformed. even in https://laboratory.stellar.org/ I cant set amount to 0 in create passive sell offer

below is response

response = { "extras": { "envelopeXdr": "AAAAAH+aowOsrW2KZU6rtz4uAcwaOYQNkB726CIRsEPd1t5uAAAAZAAMj/4AAAATAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAEMTM0NAAAAAEAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAABVVNEAAAAAACUUJEYrqmtIdoKeKqlyH/u+0DQKpVrx8N0khr+U2AhJgAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgAAAAEAAAAAAAAAAd3W3m4AAABAuULyRaJYsZw0uGEVnIOPOdoiR+q9Ou/vwO3nLRNU/upypx3n190QyHQ628k6MAd9xVex2IU8Gh2mU/FQNRPUDQ\u003d\u003d", "resultCodes": { "operationsResultCodes": [ "op_malformed" ], "transactionResultCode": "tx_failed" }, "resultXdr": "AAAAAAAAAGT/////AAAAAQAAAAAAAAAD/////wAAAAA\u003d" }, "rateLimitLimit": 0, "rateLimitRemaining": 0, "rateLimitReset": 0 }

how can i delete that?

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Docs looks to be wrong (I opened a PR to fix them), to delete offers you have to use one of ManageSellOfferOp or ManageBuyOfferOp and specify both the offerID of that offer you're trying to delete and set the price to 0.

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