I would like to use Public Lumens in a Project I need to make for transactions. As I'd like the Lumens to have value outside my App.

But at some point in the future horizon.stellar.org will go down or have a hiccup. Which will fail "new StellarSdk.Server" if it depends on this server.

If I was running my own node and horizon.stellar.org went down would I be able to continue to do transactions through my own node? As I'd simply just have clients switch to the other domain if the Main one is down.

I'm guessing the central point (an ELB like stellar002-prd-horizon-1614945809.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com ) is only needed for an initial peer information exchange between nodes and after this the P2P network doesn't care about horizon.stellar.org from a transaction verification point of view and can continue without it.

Is this correct?

I understand most simple clients will just use REST on horizon.stellar.org, that's not what my worry is, instead my care is about keeping transactions going no matter what the central point is doing.

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