I am trying to upgrade my legacy account using the method listed in the FAQ:


To upgrade from the old network, log in here: https://launch.stellar.org/

But when I log in it says my lumens will be sent to an account without a key and "An error occured." :(

enter image description here

Anyone know what I can do?


Looks like nobody cares to answer this. I have seen 5 users facing this issue and raising it here, but the team isn't correcting this or answering resolution.

This problem is existing since last 3 weeks atleast!

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    I asked it on Galatic Talk as well galactictalk.org/d/… and get nothing. I tried to ask on Reddit and the moderators just delete the question! Seems like the Stellar team just don't care. – N3vik Jan 12 at 21:16

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