I installed stellar-core from stable repository. Stellar-core version 15.2.0. OS Ubuntu 18.04. I run command:

stellar-core new-db --conf /etc/stellar/stellar-core.cfg

Stellar-core returned error:

2021-01-21T11:47:46.011 [default INFO] Config from /etc/stellar/stellar-core.cfg
2021-01-21T11:47:46.012 [default INFO] Using QUORUM_SET: {
   "t" : 3,
   "v" : [
         "t" : 3,
         "v" : [ "stronghold1", "eno", "tempo.eu.com", "satoshipay" ]

Segmentation fault (core dumped) Config file i used this: https://github.com/stellar/docs/blob/master/other/stellar-core-validator-example.cfg

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Please check the access rights when you run stellar-core (make sure you have proper access rights to the database and the buckets folder). We are tracking this issue in https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/2888, so feel free to add more details there if you still experience problems.

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