I was looking into creating an app that would make for super simple, super easy, super fast, and super cheap international money transfers at the consumer level and the business level. I contacted Stellar looking for some information about how to go about this, and they gave me this link explaining how it would work. https://diagrams.stellar.org. So this seems good, and I fully understand how it works, but I am just wondering if there is any other way to send internationally. Like what I was thinking, was that the app would take a payment from the sender and then take that money to an exchange like Binance or any other company, and buys the XLM, then send it to the recipients wallet, where the app then takes it to an exchange and then sells the same exact amount of XLM for the recipients currency, and then the app would directly deposit the cash from that to the recipients desired bank/card. What would be the feasibility of this idea? Does it even make any sense?

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