If I were to set up a two anchor system where one Anchor is the issuing anchor(IA) and the second is a receiving anchor (RA), what is required of the user that wish to send the IA custom tokens to a receiving user via the RA? I have read the docs and they state it is possible (remittance model) but there is nothing about what is required of the users accounts.

Do they need funded wallets or just an account? It is my understanding the Anchors can hold the users balance. So they shouldn't need wallets? If they need wallets, how many lumens are required? For example, if only a trust line to the IA is needed then in theory the users wallet should only need at most 2XLM to cover the minimum balance(1XLM) + trust line(0.50XLM) + any fees(0.00001XLM)? But would they also need an additional .50XLM per transaction?

I am assuming that a receivers wallets, if needed, would also required the same "base" balance.

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