I need help to set up our dev environment for remittances using SEP-0031. To be able to do that we tried setting up SEP-0031 Anchor server, which we managed to do successfully, but now we are unable to get the required info from the API end points, we followed a youtube video on SEP-0024 and made changes for SEP-0031 in stellar channel, seems like we missed something. I have below question if some one can answer please.

  1. Is there any documentation available on how to setup sending anchor on testnet. As a company offering money transfers we need a sending anchor to transfer fiat currency, any doc/video link would help a lot to set up the server right, Moreover If person A is sending 100$ Into U.K from abroad, how would we get the exchange rate from stellar network from $ to £.
  • That is four questions. Please ask them separately so that they may be answered and voted upon separately.
    – Chenmunka
    Apr 7 at 17:43

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