Most everything that I can find on Stellars transactions per second are from 2017 and 2018. Is any newer data available for the real world, tested Transaction rate?

“It really depends on the hardware you are running Stellar Core on, so it is hard to give solid numbers. We've gotten it up to 4000 transactions per second, and that wasn't on that crazy of hardware. It was basically a machine with a SSD drive. You can take it much further on big hardware. We also haven't put in a ton of effort into optimizing too much. The network is still very small, so it seems silly to get it too much faster than it can do right now. We are pretty confident there are a lot of areas you can optimize still.”

  • Jed Mccaleb: Stellar And The Vision Of An Open Financial System - Epicenter, 2017 (37:18)

This quote places an emphasis on SSDs and hardware as a limiter. The newer faster NVME and PCIE SSDs should allow for the highest transactions per second, yes?

Surely, someone somewhere has newer data?

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