What would be the mechanisms or applications needed to make this happen?

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Stellar offer Payment Paths

You can use PathFinding to search for "best" conversion path between origin and destination asset. It uses Stellar Decentralized Exchange for "internal currency trading"


With tools currently in production, I imagine you could buy something from someone with your currency, and the seller would receive the same amount in their currency. The tool/application uses Lumens as a bridge/currency converter. i.e. USD-->LUMENS-->PESOS. The Lumens are the pipe/channel/conversion mechanism. In the example, you can replace "USD" & "PESOS" with any currency, or store of value (pigs?), set-up as an asset/trustine on the Stellar system.

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    Which “tools currently in production” are you referring to?
    – Nekrataal
    Jan 18, 2018 at 19:29

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