I'm curious if the Stellar network has the ability to "burn" or "freeze" custom tokens created on the network.

The two use cases would be:

  1. Token is assigned to an account and should be frozen and not be assignable again to another account.

  2. Token is removed from the network completely and cannot be assigned to another account.

Thanks in advance.

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To freeze a custom asset you can send it to the other account and remove signers of the destination account (set master weight to 0).

To burn a custom asset so it's not taken into account when calculating a circulating supply you can send it back to the issuer account of the asset.

  • is burning valid for both fixed and unlimited tokens? also how actually circulating supply is calculated? Nov 12, 2018 at 5:10

Freezing Assets can also be done by revoke authorization, if you are the issuer and not in control over the account holding the asset .. read the chapter Requiring or Revoking Authorization


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