Is it possible to remove a sponsored entry from only the sponsor?

So if I have account A that sponsors a trustline for account B, then can account A remove the sponsor without the signature from account B?

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Yes. From CAP 33:

The relationship between sponsoring account and sponsored account can only be created by mutual agreement. When this relationship is established, the sponsoring account is endowed with the right to unilaterally end the relationship (ie. revoke the sponsorship) as long as doing so will not leave the sponsored account below the reserve requirement. But revoking the sponsorship is strictly worse for the sponsored account than transferring the sponsorship, because the worst thing that the new sponsoring account can do is revoke the sponsorship. Therefore, the sponsoring account should be able to transfer the sponsorship with the consent of the new sponsoring account but unilaterally with respect to the sponsored account.

  • Unfortunately in my case (I should have specified) the sponsored account won't have the minimum balance to hold the trust on its own, I was hoping for a way to remove the trust without the sponsored account consent
    – GioGio
    Commented Jun 25, 2021 at 8:58

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