I want to retrieve transaction details from the response message. The same could be possible queering a horizon, but it seems an unnecessary waste of resources to send additional requests to the horizon if the information is already received.

A very exact question has been asked 3 years ago How to decode XDR of the result_xdr but the solution is based on the old stellar_base library.

I assume I should use from_xdr() function, but unsure which object to attach to.

response = server.submit_transaction(transaction)
tx_result = ???.from_xdr(response["result_xdr"])
print(f"xdr_result: {tx_result}")```

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Was working recently working on a project and came across the same issue. While digging through the stellar-sdkcode I found out that it has an xdr module which you can use to decode information from the result_xdr

Let's work with the following TransactionResult for as an example.enter image description here

To obtain the offerId we can do this:

from stellar_sdk.xdr import TransactionResult

tx_result = TransactionResult.from_xdr(response['result_xdr'])
offer_id = tx_result.result.results[0].tr.manage_sell_offer_result.success.offers_claimed[0].offer_id

<Int64 [int64=359738]>

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