I want to get the offer id based on the offer price and cancel that offer. How I can do that using python SDK?

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You can get a list of existing offers submitted by a particular account with the following methods: offers().for_seller(self.account_id)

Example code:

offers = server.offers().for_seller(self.account_id).call()
offers = offers['_embedded']['records']

You will get following values: offer_id, offer_code, offer_amount, offer_price

print(json.dumps(offers, indent = 4))

Next, you can import data to pandas dataframe using a loop. Now you are ready to retrieve values you're looking for using conditional statements, something like:

if offer_price == x:

To cancel the offer you will need to submit a transaction with a retrieved offer_id, but use amount equal to 0 (price is not important), for example:

transaction_builder.append_manage_sell_offer_op(selling_asset, selling_issuer, buying_asset, buying_issuer, '0.0', '1.0', offer_id)

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