Tried to search over github for a readymade Django Stellar Package, is there any available or do I have to start from scratch using the Python SDK ?

How to safely store the seed/mnemonic for a public facing webserver ?

Edit: You you look at the linked tutorial below http://blog.adnansiddiqi.me/develop-your-first-python-app-integrated-with-decentralized-stellar-network/

In the main of your Flask app assign these addresses to some variables, I do as below:


That's exactly my concern, if by any chance my main.py is leaked. Everything is compromised.


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At the moment, there are no stellar-django packages.

Not sure what you mean here by "seed" but user data shouldn't be stored on any public facing endpoints/public facing endpoints. I think the answer you may be looking for is try implementing in browser signing instead.

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