I'm trying to understand the following horizon message: time="2021-09-26T21:15:35.082Z" level=warning msg="could not load stellar-core info: http request errored: Get "http://localhost:11626/info": context deadline exceeded" pid=22 time="2021-09-26T21:15:47.960Z" level=error msg="failed to load the latest known ledger state from history DB" err="get failed: context deadline exceeded" pid=22 stack="[main.go:43 session.go:153 session.go:126 metrics.go:348 metrics.go:353 main.go:802 app.go:233 app.go:424 asm_amd64.s:1581]" time="2021-09-26T21:15:47.962Z" level=warning msg="error ticking app: context deadline exceeded" pid=22 time="2021-09-26T21

The server is up and running and the port is enabled but the server doesn't answer. Any suggestion? Thanks


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