We have a unique use case for the blockchain and are run into a tricky situation when it comes to using the wallets securely as Stellar recommends to mint and issue digital assets (two wallet structure and to lock the ISSUING wallet to prevent from further minting of an asset). After we are finished with the assets, we want to send them all back to the ISSUING wallet to close the asset and merge both wallets back to our master "OG" wallet that created them. Solely to reclaim the 2XLM reserves.

The main question is: Can you unlock a wallet at all?

Possible idea:

IF the DISTRIBUTION wallet signed the transaction when the ISSUING wallet was locked, could it be used to unlock it?

If not how can we use the wallets in a secure way as to not allow the issuing of more assets, but reclaim the reserve XLM's?

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After testing our theory of using the DISTIRBUTION as a multiSignature, we found it works, kind of. Doesn't fully lock the ISSUING wallet but at least it hands over control to the DISTRIBUTION wallet.

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