Previously, running the /ledgers/{id} endpoint on my local node (stellar-core v17.2.0; stellar-horizon v2.5.2) would return 404 after startup, but once I ran manualclose, I would get ledgers normally.

Since updating to v18.0.0/v2.8.3, trying to get a ledger will return 404 even after running manualclose many times, and I noticed that in calling /accounts, I got

"type": "https://stellar.org/horizon-errors/still_ingesting",
"title": "Still Ingesting",
"status": 503,
"detail": "Data cannot be presented because it's still being ingested. Please wait for several minutes before trying your request again."

The DB is still getting updated every time I call manualclose, so I guess it's an ingestion issue, but my horizon.env file has export INGEST="true".


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