I've just set up a SHA 256 hash as an additional signature to my account through Stellar Laboratory. I had a dry run with the testnet and I'm fairly confident it works.

Does anyone know where the hash is on the ledger? I can see I have a key "XABDL..." but I'm not sure how this is linked to the hash "0235a...".

Before anyone says, once I've used the original password I know I can't use it again and will need to revoke the weight to the hash and resecure the account.

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The "XABDL..." address you see is encoded, you can learn how to encode and decode it through SEP-23, you can also click here to view the code implementation.

The following is an example written in Python that shows how to use Stellar Python SDK to convert "XABDL..." to hex string.

from stellar_sdk.strkey import StrKey
hashx_decoded = StrKey.decode_sha256_hash(hashx)
# output: 5229adffab0c7d0edf5fd762a065461aec51d708d3445c67fea151760156ad40

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