I have sent my stellar coin to abra wallet but the coin is not reached. This is what I have recived from customar support of stellar coin.

The coins are successfully sent from here . This is the transaction hash https://stellarchain.io/tx/0dcb3e4f8d91c891c2d04336276a4b9b5fcf6d36dfe893f529fd7f3222cf32db https://stellarchain.io/tx/06fed822c60f159903d565d7a98c618ef06b0808410709913087a15558ccdf31 Please contact the receiver exchange .

And this is what I have recived from abra end.

All coin addresses on Abra that start with "0X" (ETH, USDT, etc.) in-app are only supported on the ERC20 Network. Please keep this in mind when sending assets to your wallet. If you send an asset on a chain/network that we do not support, those funds are considered lost.


What Can I do now?


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