Need some help with Stellar Node, as I am running Stellar core v18.1.0 and Horizon v2.10.0, I had this issue in v17 of Stellar and still have it. The issue is that I am getting such errors:

Error messages:"title": "Historical DB Is Too Stale",\n "status": 503,\n "detail": "This horizon instance is configured to reject client requests when it can determine that the history database is lagging too far behind the connected instance of Stellar-Core or read replica. It's also possible that Stellar-Core is out of sync. Please try again later."\n}


msg="error updating stellar-core cursor" error="Setting stellar-core cursor failed: http request errored: Get "


": context deadline exceeded

Due to this, when I push Stellar txs to the node some of them are going through some of them are not. Could you please advise on those errors, maybe someone had it before?


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