I'm new to using Stellar, having just created an account on Keybase.io (which presumably acts as my wallet). I have some past experience using the Steem blockchain though, so I understand the basics. I'm trying to find my initial create_account transaction on the Stellar blockchain, using https://horizon.stellar.org, but clearly the blockchain has moved on more than the maximum 200 transactions since I created my account. How would I find this now? I have also discovered https://stellar.expert and https://stellarchain.io in my first few hours of learning about Stellar. I assume that one of these can help me. I think I just need to know how to format my query properly. I know my own Stellar Address, and have tried searching on that, but I can find no results. I haven't made any other transactions on the Stellar blockchain yet, so I assume there will be just the single create_account transaction for me so far, which is what I'm trying to find. The only thing that I have found so far is this on Keybase.io. However, I want to see the transaction on the Stellar blockchain itself.

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