I am trying to write a query to find out stellar balances(for all addresses)but I am not able to get the correct operations to consider in that , maybe because I don't understand stellar very well .

So , the questions I have are as follows .

  1. How to calculate balance of an address with query. I have a very simple query but not giving correct balances . Here currency_id is for stellar .
  sum(in_value_xlm) total_in, 
  sum(out_value_xlm) total_out, 
  total_in - total_out AS balance

   0 AS in_value_xlm,
   sum(toFloat64(value_from) / 10000000) AS out_value_xlm,
FROM stellar_flow.transfers_from
WHERE (transfer_from = '{{ addr }}') AND (currency_from_id = 417896) 
GROUP BY tx_date
   sum(toFloat64(value_to) / 10000000) AS in_value_xlm,
   0 AS out_value_xlm,
FROM stellar_flow.transfers_to
WHERE (transfer_to = '{{ addr }}') AND (currency_to_id = 417896) 
GROUP BY tx_date
GROUP BY tx_date 

  1. Is there any website/page where I can find daily address stellar balance of an address , similar to stellar expert .

Thank you

  • Where is this data originating from? The schema doesn't look like anything standard, Is this a custom database you are using? Commented Feb 17, 2022 at 18:16
  • Hey , Yes this is a custom database .I wanted to know what all operations to keep in mind for calculation for balances of an address
    – user5245
    Commented Feb 18, 2022 at 5:08

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If you have operation type included in your table, make sure to include the following operations, which impact the account balance:

  • 1 - payment
  • 2 - path_payment_strict_receive
  • 3 - manage_sell_offer, only once the trade executes
  • 4 - manage_buy_offer, only once the trade executes
  • 8 - account_merge
  • 13 - path_payment_strict_receive
  • 15 - claim_claimable_balance
  • 22 - liquidity_pool_deposit
  • 23 - liquidity_pool_withdraw

Stellar Expert is an excellent real time source for account balances; you can use the website or their Directory API. The Horizon API also fetches account balance details in real time.

If you want a daily dump of the data, you could use the publicly available GCP dataset to query the accounts table directly and create an extract.


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