I've got a fishy token in my wallet that I can not remove or send to anybody, because the issuer has blocked my account for sending this asset.

How do I get rid of such assets? My XLM are blocked and I can not do anything about it. Sending it back to the issuer also doesn't work. Feeling highly scammed here...

FYI: I'm talking about the issuer quantumstellar.ai (GDGO6TGQLDCUYLQU3JOCSIU7CVCVUC2VHSTUUDPOUEDSZ2L5K3SWO76Y)

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I am facing the same problem. According to the current spec of stellar, you and me are out of luck. This was discussed in 2018 and 2015.

I have an account with a balance like this, as seen in the stellar laboratory (endpoint explorer):

  "balance": "10000.0000000",
  "is_authorized": false,
  "is_authorized_to_maintain_liabilities": false,
  "asset_type": "credit_alphanum4",
  "asset_code": "ENIZ",

And the result of those false flags is that I can't even transfer the balance back to the issuer. Instead, I get op_src_not_authorized.

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