Which Horizon endpoint should we be using to access current prices for tokens?

I've read through the docs entirely and am assuming the order_book endpoint contains the current price in its response. However, is this the best way?

Any advice would be helpful.

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The current SDEX price can be retrieved from the order_book endpoint. You can also check the liquidity_pools/POOLID/trades endpoint to see the last price from the liquidity pool. Finally, to get the best price you should use paths/strict-send.

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  • can you give an example of the path finding you mention? I cannot get any path queries to return a path to use in a strict payment. Jun 23 at 16:21
  • horizon.stellar.org/paths/… This will give you the best path to convert 100XLM to USDC. If the path is empty, it just means there is no intermediary market that offers a best price that XLM/USDC.
    – Vinamo
    2 days ago
  • Yes, that's a strict send payment. Why do people continue to speak of path finding? The endpoint /path exists and I'd like to ask it for a valid path then use the response to execute a strict payment once it proves valid. Why is this process so convoluted? And in your example there are no paths. yesterday

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