everyone. I checked the following error while collecting all the blocks of xlm.

If you look at the second line, there was an error called failed to load ledger capacity usage stats, so the block inquiry was rejected.

Does anyone know more about this error? Of course, I tried again a few seconds later and collected the right blocks.

But I'm worried that this error appears several times a month.

time="2022-06-07T05:17:36.280Z" level=info msg="Waiting for stellar-core to publish HAS..." pid=116316 sequence=41212223 service=ingest subservice=state_verify
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:36.826Z" level=error msg="failed to load ledger capacity usage stats" err="canceling statement due to user request" pid=116316 stack="[main.go:36 main.go:36 proc.go:6498 proc.go:6475 proc.go:6475 proc.go:6475 proc.go:238 asm_amd64.s:1581]"
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:36.827Z" level=warning msg="error ticking app: context deadline exceeded" pid=116316
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:37.136Z" level=info msg="Ledger returned from the backend" duration=6.033046106 pid=116316 sequence=41212225 service=ingest
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:37.137Z" level=info msg="Processing ledger" commit=true ledger=true pid=116316 sequence=41212225 service=ingest state=true
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:37.317Z" level=info msg="Trimmed offers table" offer_rows_removed=59 pid=116316 service=ingest
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:37.467Z" level=info msg="Trimmed liquidity pools table" liquidity_pool_rows_removed=0 pid=116316 service=ingest
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:37.832Z" level=info msg="Processed ledger" commit=true duration=0.694330301 ledger=true pid=116316 sequence=41212225 service=ingest state=true
        time="2022-06-07T05:17:37.832Z" level=info msg="Ingestion system state machine transition" current_state="resume(latestSuccessfullyProcessedLedger=41212224)" next_state="resume(latestSuccessfullyProcessedLedger=41212225)" pid=116316 service=ingest

XLM node Env.

  • version : stellar-core 18.2.0
  • docker (base on CentOS 7)


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